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Simple Nick Change Code

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This is just a simple code to know which user is using which nicks..


#nick on
on !*:join:#: {
  if (*.dialup.zonnet.nl iswm $site) { return }
  if (*.dial.hetnet.nl iswm $site) { return }
  if (*.dial.kabelfoon.nl iswm $site) { return }
  if (*.dial.wxs.nl iswm $site) { return }
  if (*.cable.wanadoo.nl iswm $site) { return }
  if (*.dyndsl.zonnet.nl iswm $site) { return }
  %nicks = $readini(nicks.ini, nicks, $site)
  if (!$istok(%nicks, $nick, 32)) { writeini -n nicks.ini nicks $site $nick $gettok(%nicks, 1-4, 32) }
  var %ww_change = $readini(nicks.ini, nicks, $site)
  var %i = $ialchan($wildsite,#,0)
  while (%i) {
    if ($ialchan($wildsite,#,%i).nick != $nick) { var %ww_clones = %ww_clones $ifmatch }
    var %ww_change = $remtok(%ww_change, $ialchan($wildsite,#,%i).nick, 1, 32)
    dec %i
  if (%ww_change) { echo -t # 1,15 Nick Changed:1,15 $nick 4was before as 1,15 %ww_change 15,15  }

menu menubar {
  ..Nicks.ini:/run nicks.ini
#nick end

on *:text:$($+(*,$me,*)):#:{ if (# != $active) { window -e @Highlights | echo -e @Highlights 4 $+ # $+  4,1»»» 15 $nick 9Just 10Said 11(15 $+ $1- $+ 11)15 | halt } 

on *:ACTION:$($+(*,$me,*)):#:{ if (# != $active) { window -e @Highlights | echo -e @Highlights On channel $+ # $+ 4,15»« 0,158: $nick : 0,1513Just Said 0,154( $+ $1- $+ ) | halt }

It is just a simple code to log the nicks into a file so i would know which user was using which other nick before.

Although, i think .txt file with so many nicks to record could get a little laggy. hence a modification of script into .hsh or .ini would be wonderful

any modification or changes in the script for betterment is always welcome.

suggestions are welcome too




I use to have AKA script earlier which i just loved to use. It apparently gave me the exact results as how i wanted. Is there a way by which we could re-code something on the same principle as AKA with a bit of less fancy items?

Suggested modifications :-

1. Echo : Echo last 5-6 nicks for every joining nick which joins. (exceeding the count may lag the script even if it is in .hsh format)
2. Dialogue : Dialogue box is of no use unless and until you really wish to investigate a nick thoroughly. (further consultation needed)
3. Check AKA : Check aka could give any desired result specific to a nick through echo in active window.
4. !aka trigger : !aka trigger for other ops to check the aka stored in my database will be much more helpful.

Need suggestions on this :-

1. What if we create 3 different databases say ident.hsh(optional), nick.hsh & host.hsh which would work in tandem with each other while displaying the results either automatically (point 1) or manually (point 3 & 4).
2. Trigger for point 1 could either be /hid nick, /hn nick, /hh nick respectively. (as i have read it somewhere, not my own idea though)

Any other suggestion is welcome.

Thanks & regards,