Hello Epic,

I was just thinking of a concept if we could code it. I have seen few codes which track a user with their IP address which is fine. But it is useless when people use VPN/proxies to hide themselves. Is there a way by which we could code something which would track a user using just its nick and not the entire ip?

Let me elaborate it a bit with an example :-

Example :

Normal tracking :-

Epic with IP  ---  Nick 1
EPIC1 with IP  --- Nick 2 or Clone - 1
EPICRU with IP --- Nick 3 or Clone - 2

Note : it could either be a clone nick of Nick 1 or fresh Nick 2 or Nick 3

Concept tracking :-

Epic with IP --- Nick 1
Epic with IP --- Nick 2
Epic with IP --- Nick 3

Here, nick remains constant while just the IP changes.

Requirements :-

1. The code should be able to track the nicks using the first nick logged. ie. EPIC in above given example
2. The code should be able to store the IP in a table just so it could echo it in window @Intel
3. The code should be able to auto flush the list every 2 or 3 days.
4. The code should be able to echo in @intel in this format.. EPIC -,,
5. The code should be able to match the entire IP just so it could echo.. EPIC -,,
6. The code should not log any information which is not complete.

Example :

Epic -  --- Logged and stored
EPIC - --- Not logged
Epic - --- Logged and stored
EPIC - --- Logged and stored
Epic - --- Not logged

Suggestion is very much welcome

Thanks & Regards,