I'm looking for help in creating a script (the first of the two I would need, but the other I will write later as soon as I have a clearer idea) that does the following:

1: The ability to search for a word, phrase, emoji or anything written in the active channel, then showing the result in a special window, with all the nicknames who wrote it. And, if possible, make sure it is in real time. That is, even after having searched for the word / phrase / etc, if someone were to continue writing what they were looking for on the channel, make this appear too.

2: The ability to display in a window on purpose, and in real time, all the messages / actions / etc of a chosen nick (with the possibility of doing it with multiple nicknames) until this function is deactivated. With the possibility to choose whether to display in the window only messages / actions / etc written in certain channels, or in all. Obviously in the case of multiple channels there would be to appear in which channel that thing was written.

End of the script, then I needed a little help with this line of code:

on @*:TEXT:*help*:#exemple: if (%bw_work == ON && !$bwextcheck($nick)) { .ban $chan $nick 2 | .ban $chan $nick 3 | echo -st 04◖ $scriptline ◗  $nick was banned for saying: " $1- " }

I need, in this same line, instead of

.ban $chan $nick 2 | .ban $chan $nick 3

to set this type of ban

/mode #channel +b m:*!*@exemple.com

The +b:m is for silencing a person by their address and the one written above is the command to do it, let's say manually, and I have no idea how to write it in that line to do it automatically, nor how to put it, if you can put it, with the address for the ban of type 2 and 3, for this I put the example address *!*@exemple.com

That's all I think  http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/big_standart/bye.gif